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3 In A Row is a classic matching and memory style game. the world is full of connections which only you can make by flipping the cards and connecting the dots. In this game there are multiple shapes hidden beneath the cards, your job is to flip the cards one at a time, remember where they are and then find all of the matching symbols. This is a timed game so your memory will be put to the ultimate test bcause you aren't just trying to track down the connected cards but you're trying to do it before time runs out. Sharpen your memory skills and use them to take on the world in this exciting matching game.

Use your mouse to click on a card you've selected and observe the object displayed on it. Click through the other cards and try to find two matching symbols for the original card. Keep doing this until you've matched all cards. Inbetween levels you will be prompted to answer five math questions from the grade level and skill type you pre-selected.

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