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Math Stacker is a fast paced stack and click puzzle game. Keep your eyes peeled in this fast moving game of matching and clicking as you watch and wait for three like-colored blocks to stack or line up adjacently so you can click them out of existence. You get more points for every block over three when you disapear them out of existence. This is a game of pattern recognition, reflexes, and math. The longer the game goes the faster the blocks will get and the higher the threat of drowning in blocks becomes. Pay attention and wait for bombs to drop so you can take out whole rows of squares at once instead of waiting for the appropriate squares to drop.

Wait until three squares of the same color have dropped and are adjacent which eachother then click on them to make them disapear. You want to stop squares from stacking up and blocking out the top of the screen. if this happens it is game over. Try to knock out as many squares as you can. Inbetween levels you will answer five math questions of the grade level and skill type of your choice.

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