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Eggcellent Equations is a reflex based game. The sky is falling and only you can save it us! Help this cute little chicken run back and forth collecting the sky eggs as they fall towards the Earth. Every egg is different, some break, some bounce and some go boom. But all of them need your help to find their way into the basket and make it safely to the farmhouse. Remember you only have three lives and that means you can miss up to three eggs. Anything over that and its game over. Keep your eyes to the sky and your feet firmly on the ground as you run around saving the world one egg at a time.

Use your mouse or the arrow pad to move back and fourth on the screen and position yourself directly under the falling eggs in order to catch them. You have three lives which means you can miss three before its game over. Inbetween each level you will have the opprotunity to answer five math questions from the grade level and skill type of your choice.

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