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Jelly Math Run is a puzzle game where you must jump your way to freedom and victory. In this game you'll be strategically jumping from one disapearing platform to another in an attempt to destroy all platforms and then find the portal and warp to the next level. Some of the platforms with contain a square inside of a square and will thus require you to jump off of that platform twice. Help this adorable little sphere-person jump their way back home through a series of puzzling platform and physics based levels.

Use your mouse to point and click which way you want your Spheroid to jump. After you jump the platform block behind you will shatter. You're trying to shatter all of the plat forms before finally taking one last leap of faith into a warp-zone and make it to the next level. Inbetween each level you'll be able to answer five different math questions of the grade level and skill type of your choice.

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