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Math Monsters is a clicker-style puzzle game. In this game you're a hungry, colorful alligator with a whole jaw full of sweet teeth. You're just hanging out in your swamp lair and trying to eat as many discarded candies as possible. The only problem is that some people are out there throwing shoes at you. Ew! Shoes are gross. Don't eat shoes. You want to focus on eating candy an not shoes! But don't think you can just sit there with you mouth open in order to catch as much candy as you want because the longer you keep it open the more likely you are to trigger lockjaw! In this game when you get lockjaw you can't eat anything or gain any points until you click repeatedly on the lock symbol.

Use your mouse to click repeatedly in order to open your mouth and eat candy. Avoid eating shoes. Combat lockjaw by clicking repeatedly on the lock symbol. Inbetween levels you'll have the ability to answer five math questions of the grade level and skill type of your choice.

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