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Magic Divider is a mystical game where you will fight a mindless ball as it bounces around the screen. Are you smarter than a bouncing ball? If you think so, then this is thee gamee to prove it. Your goal is to covertly build walls straight up and down or left to right that will eat up more and more space. What you're trying to do is fill 75% of the screen with black-void. The ball is your enemy. The ball wants to bounce around all willy nilly and destroy your void. You must outsmart the ball by building walls wich eat up more and more of the screen on an incremental level until you've finally taken over 75% of the screen. But beware! Because if the ball manages to hit your divider while its still drawing the wall it will be destroyed. You only have two lives so every mistake counts and soon you'l make one mistake too many. Good luck!

Use your mouse to click on the part of the screen where you want to grow your void wall. Your goal is to build several walls which will incrementally take over 75% of the screen. Inbetween each level you'll have the opprotunity to answer five math questions from the grade level and skil type of your choice.

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