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Can You Reach 2048 is a fast-paced math puzzle game. Creepy monsters and exponential growth are drawn together in this fast, math fueled ride. In this game you'll be using adition to create a high-score of 2048. In order to accomplish this you'll have to tilt the board and make like numbers collide. Watch in awe as two 2's combine to become 4, then combine with another 4 to become 8. Tilt your way up to 2048 and you'll be a winner! Do it wrong and you're outta here!

Use the arrow Pad to tilt the board left, right, up or down. When you do this you cause the numbers on the board to slide in the direction you choose. When like numbers collide they grow exponentially and you are ineveitably trying to grow yourself from a humble 2 all the way to the mighty 2048. Each turn new pieces are added which give you more opprotunities but may also act as obstacles. Inbetween levels you'll get to answer five math questions from the grade level and skill type of your choice.

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