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Number Crusher is a fast moving game where you dig down as far as you can. In this game you're a construction worker who is on the hunt for diamonds, stars and other valuble treasures buried under the city. Select your path and bust through sandstone, steel blocks, wooden crates, bombs, and dynamite. There are some squares you won't be able to break though, so, try to avoid them. The screen is constantly moving down and you need to stay ahead of it. If you get swept off the top of the screen your game is over. Answer math questions inbetween each level and try to beat your high score.

After selecting your skill type and grade level you will use your mouse to move your construction worker left or right. In order to move down you need to click fast to operate the jackhammer. Each different kind of block requires a different amount of clicks to move through it. Steel blocks are three cicks, sandstones are two clicks and wooden crates are one click. The yellow and black striped blocks cannot be smashed through so you should avoid them. Collect the stars and diamonds and use the bombs to blast through tough levels.

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